Getting your music out to a wider audience is becoming easier thanks to a growing number of online promotional platforms. Distributing your library of songs across multiple channels brings your unique sound beyond the local music scene and has the potential to transform the way you reach new audiences.

If you’re ready to diversify, these six distribution and promotion platforms have the tools you need to make it big with your music.

Apple Music and iTunes

Everyone using an Apple device automatically has access to Apple Music and iTunes, and many other music fans use these libraries to discover artists and purchase tracks or full albums. Apple Music pays attention to users’ preferences and suggests new music based on their favorite tunes. If your songs are available, any track could wind up on one of these suggestion lists.

Both Apple Music and iTunes provide tools such as widgets, badges and banner art for promoting your music. The Apple Music Connect platform goes even further to help increase engagement with more ways to share your music and promote live performances.


This clean distribution tool is designed to give artists control over every aspect of promoting and selling their music. With Bandcamp, you can:

  • Set a minimum price for albums and tracks with an option for fans to pay more if desired
  • Sell physical merchandise alongside digital downloads
  • Provide discount codes or codes redeemable for single tracks
  • Collect payments in multiple currencies
  • Hone sales strategies to reach more fans based on real-time statistics

Along with SEO-friendly listings, these features make Bandcamp a unique platform for reaching others with your music.


If you depend on shows to increase your fan base, Songkick could give you the boost you’re looking for. In partnership with other platforms such as Deezer, SoundCloud and Spotify, Songkick provides a geo-targeted tool for listing tour dates, distributing concert information and selling tickets to people in your area.

Used by over 10 million live music fans per month, Songkick routinely emails lists of shows to users based on location and interest. Once you publish a tour date on the site, it automatically pushes through to other platforms to increase your reach even more.


Setting up a profile on SoundCloud brings your music to users on the site and beyond with tools like embeddable players and social media sharing. Your profile page includes:

  • A place to showcase songs and album
  • Prominent album art display
  • Artist information
  • A way for fans to follow you
  • Social media links
  • Stats for plays, likes, comments, reposts and downloads

The repost and social media features bring new tracks to followers on and off the site. Optimize the tracks you post with keywords and tags, and record special accompanying audio announcements to reach fans with more information about your music. For more exposure, post the SoundCloud player on your website or Facebook page.


With both mobile and desktop listening apps, Spotify goes where your fans go. Users start listening to artists they know they already like, and Spotify delivers recommendations based on these preferences. As users’ tastes evolve, Spotify’s Discover feature compiles personalized playlists of related artists. Setting up an artist page on this platform not only makes your music available for recommendation but also gives you a place to list upcoming shows so that new fans can find you when you come to the area.


The new YouTube for Artists tool takes you beyond posting videos to discover where your fans are and how to reach them more directly. Using an algorithm based on metrics such as views and time spent watching artists’ media, YouTube compiles lists of trending musicians and distributes them to fans, radio stations and more to give independent artists greater visibility.

Not every platform works for every performer. To choose the right places to distribute your music, become familiar with the sites and apps your audience is using. Cater to their habits, and put yourself where your target listeners are already enjoying their favorite tunes. Compare features to find what works best for you, pay attention to statistics and create a distribution plan designed to reach the greatest number of existing and potential fans.